A: Will he show?

B: Patience. He will be here.

A: ...I saw him talking to his wife earlier.

B: So?

A: She looked concerned as she spoke to him. Like she didn’t want him to go.

B: He will be here. He must. The Senate is not something he can simply ignore.

A: Brutus, he-

B: There he is. The purple toga.

A: ...

- “A” quivers slightly as he slowly clutches his dagger. -

B: Do not be scared. He is just a man.

A: ...

B: This is for the good of the people.

A: ...Right.

B: The good of the people, Aulus.

A: ...The good of the people.

B: Right. Let’s go.

One Liners

“War is a dangerous game, but I’m a dangerous man.”

“Know your enemy, and you’ll know victory.”

“Rise and shine, boys!”

“‘Defeat?’ I’m not familiar with that word.”


“I suppose I’ll lend you my skills - for now.”

“Do NOT get in my way, maggot!”

“Well look who decided to start thinking about winning.”

“Rest in peace, other guy!”

“Hahaha! Let’s see what you’re made of, squirt!”

“She’s been missing since Friday, and you’re not worried?”

“She can handle herself out there. Besides, it’s not like we’re tucked away in some remote corner of the planet, right?”

“If we’re out in the middle of nowhere, all the more reason to go and look! She’s the captain and she’s been gone for almost a week! What if she’s lost? Or EATEN?”

“I dunno. Send a new captain? Federation does it all the time.”

“We are NOT the Federation. We don’t stoop that low. Say what you want, but I’m going after her.“

“It’s useless, I’m telling you. Those belly-clickers probably took her and made her their goddess or something. Too late.“

“Shut up. Just… keep an eye on my transponder, alright?“


The Rescue