Wrestle with your inner demon.

Ronin is a text-adventure game that sets the player in medieval Japan, during Tokugawa's conquests. A demon has possessed the player, constantly pestering the player to make selfish (and sometimes dishonorable) decisions. Through the game, the player must make choices on whether to find glory or succumb to the demon's demands.

Click here for a playable prototype of Ronin.

Tools used: Twine, Google Drive, Windows PC




Race or die.

Extreme-G is a text-based RPG that has the player racing extreme-G motorbikes through futuristic landscapes. The player can join a branded team, all with their advantages and disadvantages, and take their chances racing other competitors. Through training before each race, the player can improve themselves, resulting in higher chances of success. As the game progresses, the player can earn money and spend it on upgrades, further increasing their chances.  The only penalty to losing: death.

Click here for a playable prototype of Extreme-G.

Tools used: Twine, Google Drive, Windows PC




"Hear me roar."

Siren is a novel centered around the pursuits of Sylvia Arzt, a professional wrestler in the WWE skilled in the art of "strong style". She regularly wrestles men in the hopes of competing for the Intercontinental Championship and attaining widespread fame. However, her brash, overconfident attitude lands her in hot water early on, making her road to the championship demonstrably harder.

An excerpt from Siren is available below. Click here to read Siren.

Written in Google Drive.

I found the event organizer sitting at a makeshift table with the sign “Registration” hung over on a piece of lined paper. As soon as I approached him in my low-rent Shield gear (it was really just a kevlar harness over my usual amateur wrestling gear), he looked up at me with a tweaked eyebrow.
“You here to wrestle, kid?”
I shot him the same doubtful look he was giving me.
“…yeah? You gonna sign me up or what?”
He spun his pen and hovered over the paper, but paused.
“Ya know there’s at least ten other guys wrestling in this tournament, right? Yur at a pretty big disadvantage here.”
It was a miracle I didn’t just sock him in the face. I took a glance at the ring, where two of the competitors were already duking it out.
“Nah, they are. Sign me up.”
The event organizer scoffed as he slumped in his chair.
“What’s yur name, kid?”
“Arzt. A-R-Z-T.” I didn’t wait for him to finish writing it down. I had a tournament to win.